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Serving Start-Up and Enterprise Tech Companies by growing Partner Sales and Strategic Alliances

Why Hire a Partnership & Alliance Consultant?

Partnerships are the lifeblood of tech companies. From cutting edge AI platforms to enterprise ISVs, collaboration with service providers and other tech companies is the primary driver of growth at scale. But every company has unique partner needs and most encounter challenges to launch and integrate partners into their existing business. Direct Sales, Marketing, Product and Engineering teams all require collaboration with partners but need to develop both a strategy and path to execution. Hiring a single partner employee or building a new team from scratch rarely achieves the desired results because these roles need to be intertwined with all facets of the company, not just set-up in a new or separate org. Zoltan has seen this across the companies he's worked for and the thousands of partners he's worked with over the years.

Leveraging his three decades of alliance management, partner program development and partner team building, Zoltan is now helping companies achieve their goals and avoid sub-optimal partner strategies.



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