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Partner and Alliance Management Services



Combined, the AWS Partner Network (APN), Google Cloud Partner Advantage, and Microsoft Partner Central offer literally thousands of programs, initiatives, benefits and opportunities to co-sell and co-market.   Other Clouds and ISVs, such as Salesforce and Snowflake, also offer robust partner programs via powerful partner portals. 


Managing these partner programs is overwhelming for most organizations.  Assigning these responsibilities to part-time owners typically ends in failure and abandonment.  Hiring for this skill-set poses its own challenges in terms of cost, personnel management, and organizational alignment.  This team member(s) are regularly left out on their own without support or consistent leadership.  In the end, companies that master alliance management via partner portals, end up in the top 20% of successful Cloud partner program participants.  The rest languish with the other 80%, rarely meeting the bare minimum.

Alliance Relationship Management as a Service (ARMaaS) is the end-to-end service that will get and keep your company in the top-20% partner tier with all your Cloud and ISV alliances.  A dedicated team of partner associates will manage every aspect of multiple partner programs for your organization.  This named team will expertly execute on co-selling, marketing, and benefit and incentive optimization. 

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Your organization will stay ahead of the competition and hit vastly higher ROI goals by leveraging ARMaaS as part of your broader partner and alliance strategy. Learn more about our collaboration with the TDIT group to deliver the ground-breaking ARMaaS.  

Complex Alliance Management


After your organization has successfully leveraged one of our services, you may have one or more alliances that need ongoing management.  You may also have an existing partnership that just isn’t reaching its potential, or you don’t have the resources to assign a dedicated partner manager.Our team is available to provide fractional partner and alliance management on an account-by-account basis.  Experienced managers can manage all aspects of driving complex alliances to meet specific goals.  Activities and investments include the following:

Partner Sales Training


Co-selling is the core foundation of technology partnerships.  Aligning sales activities across two parties, however, is one of the most challenging aspects to “get right” and reach the common goal of driving net new revenue for both organizations.


It all starts with training, awareness and understanding the value proposition for joint-customers.  Our sales training service unlocks this potential by developing a curriculum, identifying the right stakeholders, and presenting the value proposition to ensure all are equipped with the tools and incentives to successfully guide customers on their purchasing journey.  This can be offered as a one-off training or an ongoing service, whereby a cycle of training is available across various teams such as territories, verticals and/or product specific sales teams.  Ongoing refresh training is available on a quarterly, 6-month or annual basis.


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